To describe ''Reno,'' to any music fan in its simplest terms, would be to say that it is a fresh and long-awaited melodic Pop/Rock sound that's been waiting to happen. Located in Toronto, Canada, this 6 piece band has all the assets in place to make an immediate impact on the international music scene. Using an acoustic / electric forefront and tight sound harmonies, this band brings to the table various elements that have been long forgotten when applying all the faucets of a live show. With their self-titled debut ''Reno,'' released in July of 2004, they garnered rave reviews for their work by prominent industry personnel, independent and major labels alike.

The general consensus is that they fall comfortably into the same ballpark style-wise with bands such as: U2, Matchbox 20, Train, Vertical Horizon, John Mayer and Gin Blossoms to name but a few, while still holding on to a sound that is very much their own. Presently, the band continues to add to their resume fine list of venues in which they have and are performing in. The summer of 2005 gave the band 3 of some of the largest outdoor festivals in Toronto, as well as their first tour to the USA and Portugal. With well over 15,000 people at most of these performances, the band is prepared to cater to audiences of all sizes. Furthermore, the band's ability to perform acoustic unplugged allows them to add to their menu a more intimate approach in getting their music across to the listener.

The band is well equipped to accommodate their passion for success. Each member brings an awesome arsenal of influences to the table. Collectively, everyone has substantial live and recording experience at the professional level and a high presentation standard built to match the rigors of the road ahead.

Leading the way upfront is lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Reno. With the band going by the same name, Reno epitomizes the front man’s role with well over 20 years experience performing to live audiences. Getting an early start at the tender age of 8, he quickly developed his love affair with the audience, along with a humorous and witty nature. His ability to capture the listener as if performing only to them is driven by a passion to get the music across. This, along with the fact that the band harbors 4 other vocalists in Daniel Gama, Carlos Arevalo, Paulo Gama and Kevin Dworak allows for reliable, consistent and intricate harmonies when called upon.

On the guitars, you have principally Reno himself, who along with Daniel Gama and Kevin Dworak make a vigorously balanced acoustic/electric melodic section. Reno having been playing guitar since the age of 4 has prolific experience on his instrument, cycling through many styles such as Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk and Flamenco, enough so that it has taken him into touring various countries in Europe, Latin America, Canada and the USA. Having performed in the local greater Toronto area full-time since 1998, the choice to push an all-original full band was an obvious one. Daniel brings a unique blend of Brazilian/Portuguese influences and a masterful trade in extensive pro audio experience. Having as well done sound for an exhaustive resume of famous acts from the world over, he is an asset to how the live show should sound. Kevin - "a connoisseur for the - ‘authentic sounds,’ brings the slightly more urban-edge approach, while maintaining a tasteful ear for what’s needed. A perfect compliment to the band’s robust sound with a vast knowledge and implementation of effects, he is a true professional and dedicated element with the end result in mind.

The rhythm section is definitely one to behold. On drums and percussion, Pedro Rodrigues is a well seasoned musician. Having begun as well at an early age, he started his musical exploits in his native country of Portugal upon immigrating to Canada in 1997. With diligent studies in Jazz, Latin and popular music along with scores of well attended workshops to his credit, he solidifies himself as an absolute professional equally on the drums as he is on percussion.

On bass guitar and backing vocals is Carlos Arevalo. Having been friends with lead singer Reno for many years, the choice to unite was an easy one, as his 15 years experience will vouch to help solidify his place in the band. Touring extensively, opening for many respected artists (John Mayer, Bare Naked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, etc.) Carlos now finds an assertive place within ''Reno,'' bringing a vast array of confidence, experience & talent to the table. Together with Pedro, they both unify an extremely tight, diverse and reliable rhythmic foundation.

Finally, on keyboards and backing vocals is Paulo Gama. Having been bred in latin jazz studies & electronica outfits, Paulo brings the final touch of fullness to the sound. An official member of ''Reno,'' in November of 2005, he was previously called upon to assist on keyboards for the band’s larger shows.

2006 brought about the advent of the band’s sophomore release. Beginning first with producers & engineers Joel Kazmi (Rush, N'SYNC, Sum41, Tea Party, etc.) & Steve Chahley (Nelly Furtado, Autopilot Off, etc.), the album was well on its way to be released when it reached the ears of world renowned producer Steve Thompson (Guns & Roses, Duran Duran, Metallica, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Tears For Fears, etc.). Through various discussions and meetings, Steve endorsed the band’s sound and vision, thus deciding to come on board in 2007 to produce, mix, arrange and re-record the entire album now titled “Learning to Speak Human” while retaining Steve Chahley as the engineer. With a projected release of January 2008, the album defines the epitome of what the Reno sound is with a 14 song package including an interactive video portion fused together by James Krupa (Nickelback, Stabilo, etc.) of Replay Media Productions and Robin Ozolins of

The band already has lined up sound-tech & tour manager Denton Fraser (Bryan Adams, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Philosopher Kings, etc.), as well as a full sponsorship with XL Energy Drink.  2007 has had a 21 day tour to Portugal in anticipation of the release of “Learning to Speak Human”.

In February of 2007, the band entered into its first partnership with management as they signed on with Louis Lefort and Caroline Roy of LCL Music Publishing & Productions who bring extensive industry experience.

Having all the attributes at the ready to make an immediate impression, the band is actively pursuing interest in North America and abroad. They are confident in what their accomplishments, goals and objectives are and remain prepa
red to go and be wherever needed to accomplish those goals with the strength of their music and experience behind them.

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